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nepenthes::Socket Class Reference

#include <Socket.hpp>

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Detailed Description

the Socket

if you want to connect, use a Socket.

this class can be derived to handle everything. there are TCPSocket UDPSocket RAWSocket FILESocket Sockets for everything.

Definition at line 92 of file Socket.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual SocketacceptConnection ()=0
virtual bool addDialogue (Dialogue *dia)
virtual bool addDialogueFactory (DialogueFactory *diaf)
virtual bool bindPort ()=0
virtual bool checkTimeout ()=0
virtual bool connectHost ()=0
virtual int32_t doRecv ()=0
virtual bool doRespond (char *msg, uint32_t len)=0
virtual int32_t doSend ()=0
virtual int32_t doWrite (char *msg, uint32_t len)=0
virtual bool Exit ()=0
virtual time_t getBindTimeout ()
virtual string getDescription ()
virtual list< Dialogue * > * getDialogst ()
virtual list< DialogueFactory * > * getFactories ()
virtual uint32_t getLocalHost ()
virtual uint16_t getLocalPort ()
virtual NepenthesgetNepenthes ()
virtual uint32_t getRemoteHost ()
virtual uint16_t getRemotePort ()
virtual int32_t getSocket ()
virtual int32_t getsockOpt (int32_t level, int32_t optname, void *optval, socklen_t *optlen)
virtual int32_t getStatus ()
virtual time_t getTimeout ()
virtual int32_t getType ()
virtual bool handleTimeout ()=0
virtual bool Init ()=0
virtual bool isAccept ()
virtual bool isBind ()
virtual bool isConnect ()
virtual bool isPolled ()
virtual void setLocalHost (uint32_t i)
virtual void setLocalPort (uint16_t i)
virtual void setPolled ()
virtual void setRemoteHost (uint32_t i)
virtual void setRemotePort (uint16_t i)
virtual void setSocket (int32_t i)
virtual void setStatus (socket_state i)
virtual void unsetPolled ()
virtual bool wantSend ()=0

Protected Attributes

time_t m_BindTimeoutIntervall
bool m_CanSend
list< DialogueFactory * > m_DialogueFactories
list< Dialogue * > m_Dialogues
ConsumeLevel m_HighestConsumeLevel
time_t m_LastAction
uint32_t m_LocalHost
string m_LocalHostString
uint16_t m_LocalPort
bool m_Polled
int32_t m_ReconnectMax
int32_t m_ReconnectTries
uint32_t m_RemoteHost
string m_RemoteHostString
uint16_t m_RemotePort
int32_t m_Socket
socket_state m_Status
time_t m_TimeoutIntervall
uint32_t m_Type

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